Software Development

Upadpro Software & Services provides Custom Software Application Development, Inventory system, ERP Management Development, Offshore Software, Outsourcing of softwares at best and affordable rate to some of the well-known companies across globe. With Highly customized software solutions that support unique combination of platforms and applications that makes your workflows easier, faster, and more efficient.


Customized Software Services will boost your ROI using our Tailor-Made Applications

System Integration

Streamlining & Downsizing your Technology Overhead.

At USS, we have unification methods to help truncate the dependency on prodigal technologies & deliver you clear paths to simplifying your ecosystem. We frame risk and cost models that distinguish the constant gains from shrinking the number of systems your company uses to help you executing in ultimately lessening your software footprint.


Mobile App Development

Employ the power of Mobile Technology for your business.

USS is one-stop mobile development company over countless successful projects under its belt. USS fabricates mobile apps of any intricacy & has harness on platforms like iPhone, Android & Blackberry.

USS team of iPhone Android app development cater extraordinary class app designers, developers and managers who have potentially distinguished client’s requirements and transform their app idea to life.


Support Services

With USS as your business partner, you can simplify the way you (approach the) market and use communication services that are highly attractive to your customers.

We can support all of your customer service channels including voice, live chat, email and text messaging. We also provide support in both Spanish and English.

All of our customer service communications are recorded and evaluated to ensure the highest level of quality, confidentiality and continual improvements.


Support Services Includes:

  • Live Chat and Web Support
  • Ecommerce Sales and Customer Support
  • Customer Services & Complaint Resolution
  • Information Calls
  • B2B Sales and Support
  • Order Desk