Professional Services

Back Office Functions

Upadpro Software Services provides back office functions for cable, telecommunications, education, travel, and retail industries. Through our highly skilled workforce, we ensure back office functions, such as data entry and payment processing, are error free and completed on-time.

Upadpro Software Services offers support 24/7/365 through our onshore, near shore and off-shore locations. We also support both English and Spanish speaking customers.

We'll partner with you to deliver proactive solutions that help you gain greater efficiencies and add to your bottom line.

Some of our Back Office Services include:

  • Data Entry / Form Filling
  • Survey / Market Research
  • Payment Processing
  • Accounting Support
  • Order/Sales Support
  • Email Management
  • Reporting & Data Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Intelligence

Sales & Customer Support.

Upadpro offers customer support services to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With Upadpro Software Services as your business partner, you can simplify the way you (approach the) market and use contact communication services that are highly attractive to your customers. We provide agent and supported inbound and outbound consumer support programs that handle a wide range of service needs from product requests and billing to order entry and account inquiries.

We can support all of your customer service channels including voice, live chat, email and text messaging. We also provide support in both Spanish and English.

All of our customer service communications are recorded and evaluated to ensure the highest level of quality, confidentiality and continual improvements.

Some of our customer contact services include:

  • Live Chat and Web Support
  • Ecommerce Sales and Customer Support
  • Customer Services & Complaint Resolution
  • Information Calls
  • B2B Sales and Support
  • Order Desk

We assure, highest returns on your valued investment!